Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear Winter Drivers

Dear Winter Drivers,

Hey there fellow neighbor! Did you know it's winter now? Oh, you noticed because of the cold, right? Ya. So... when it's cold, and there's precipitation, sometimes it creates ice, or snow, or both. No big deal. Just what the weather does.

However, if you park outside, this may cause a little bit of an inconvenience to you. Your car might be covered in snow and/or ice in the morning or when you leave work, or anytime after such a precipitous event. Now, my suggestion would be to clean the window surfaces of your car before driving - you know, the windshield, the windows and mirrors you like to use for changing lanes, and the read window you used to use to see if anyone is behind you before you throw it into reverse. I know it's tempting just to hop in, crank the heat (which will not do anything at 18 degrees really), and go while tilting your head down to see through that tiny defrosted portion in front of you. I know. I'm tempted to do that too. However, it kind of limits your ability to a) see where you are going. b) see if other cars are in those spots you plan on driving into c) see if pedestrians are in those areas either. So... from those of us that spend the 10 minutes in the morning so that we don't kill ourselves and others, please be equally polite to not kill us with your ridiculous laziness.

Much appreciated,

Lia & all other drivers

PS: here are some instructions in case your laziness has just been a desperate cry for help.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dear Spyhouse Coffee

Dear Spyhouse Coffee:

You really are a fickle friend. Though you are only 3 blocks from my house, you've nearly made me into an enemy. You burn my bagels (twice now... really? who wants to eat a rock solid bagel? No one. Gross), and you are ALWAYS full of hipsters. So many of all varieties, but not so many it's interesting.

However, I can forgive you. You know why? Convenience. You prove your worth by having a plethora of plugs for laptops, pots of green tea, and free wifi. And for now, the hipsters are being nice and sharing their tables, so we can hug and make up. A
nd I'll stop trying to eat your bagels.