Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear MNer's running for GOP Candidate

Dear MNer's running for GOP Candidate,

Dear Bachmann - Without the EPA, all of your foster children would have defects/diseases from polluted water and cancer from asbestos in their schools. I'm proud to live in a country that spends resources preserving our natural environment that WE LIVE IN. Also, when you said 'if I was commander in chief' I felt very nauseous. I'm also very puzzled how Obama could have LED the initiative in Libya at the same exact time he should have not chosen to go INTO Libya. I'm pretty sure you can't lead bombings in a country you're not bombing... huh?

Dear Pawlenty - Thanks for totally pulling a passive aggressive Minnesotan when confronted with 'Obamney Care' comment. We all know that the healthcare bill was modeled after the Massachussetts state healthcare mandate (with state option! *gasp*). If you don't like it, or Romney for signing it, though it was good for those in the state, MAN UP and say it to his face! You looked like a scrawny kid who was trying to be a bully but ended up running away crying. I can see why Bachmann dislikes you so much... she has bigger balls... ovaries?... whatever.

Minnesota - You're better than this.

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