Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GOP Debate Wordle

I'm getting really into infographics as of lately, and trying to learn any free software I can get my hands on to make them. However, wordle is BY far the easiest, especially with text. I will be trying to post wordles of speeches and debates when I can, because I think it's interesting.

So... 6.13.2011 CNN GOP debate wordle
(names, titles, common english words like as and the etc. have been removed for obvious reasons)


  1. I'm shocked Obama didn't make the pic! I love wordle - well done :)

  2. I think it's because they mixed his name with all kinds of evil, like Obamacare Obamneycare and Obamination(ok, not this one, though I like it... though is it Obama-nation or Obama+Abomination... no one will ever know)